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Admission procedure

For border / Day Scholars / Parents / Guardian willing to get their wards admitted to the institution for the best preparation under the proper guidance of expert teacher for various competitive examination only will have at first to get their wards register for admission. Registration for admission is open from 15th November to the second week of February every year. After registration the candidate will have to sit for the written examination in Maths, English, Hindi and G.K (General Science + General Intelligence) in 3rd or 4th Sunday in February every year. The result of the test examination is declared within 10 days and is sent by post. However the same can be obtained telephonically for convenience of parents. After the declaration of the result of the test exam. Candidate are admitted to different groups /classes according to their ability. Candidate are admitted only on the basis of their merits. You can confirm your ward result on website Venue for Admission Test at the school premises.

Residendial Arrangements

There are four dormitories in the hostel campus. Wards are placed according to their age and class groups. There is a Warden in each dormitory, who is in close touch with the words . The responsibility of the management of these dormitories is largely in boys hand . Any losses and mishandling will be charged accordingly. The warden looks after the general health, cleanliness, behaviour and manners of the student. There are arrangements for indoor recreation like TV, Carom Board, Badminton only.


If a guardian want to withdraw his ward after admission, only security deposit will be refunded after presenting the admission receipt. If a guardian want to withdraw his ward during the session for any reason what so ever he is liable to pay full charge for the academic year.


The management is fully the empowered to remove a student on ground of discbedience and misconduct or if in it's opinion the student has failed to abide by the discipline of the institute and his stay is considered to be detrimental to the interested of other student. Their parents may also be asked to withdraw their ward if their ward failes to come upto academic standard and also on following ground,

  1. Irnmorality
  2. Leaving the School/ Hostel premises without permission from the competent authority
  3. Grave insubordination (In these cases only security deposit will be refunded after presenting the admission receipt)


The Coaching Institute School remains closed in three phase.

  1. Summer Vacation about the 3 week in June, July Every Year
  2. Dipawali to Chhatha Vacation about 10 days
  3. Holi Vacation about one week of the time of Holi
  4. At the eve of Durga Puja 4/5 days in Navratra ( it is not mandatory)

Note : Final dates will be intimated prior on One month before the vacation

Leave Regulations

Leave can be granted only on the following grounds after depositin candidates identity Cards;

  1. Serious illaness of near relatives.
  2. A religious ceremony in whichcandidates presence is necessary
  3. During candidates illness(if has been intimated by the coaching/school authority)

Procedure for Payment of Fee

Procedure for Payment Of Fee Fee will be between 1st to 10th in advance every month. After 10th late fine @ Rs. 100 per student per month will be charged. However, late fine will not be charged on particular visiting day pertaining to student like :-

  1. On the first Sunday every month-student of class 1 to 5
  2. On the third Sunday every month-students of classes 7th to 10th Details regarding fees structure please refer in close page

Time Table

Coaching Hour

: 9:00AM - 04:00 PM

Hostel Routine Rising Bell

: 05:00 AM

Hot Drink with

: 06:00 AM

Sprouted Grams

: 06:00 AM

Self Study

: 07:00 AM to 08:00 AM


: 01:00 PM

Break Fast

: 08:30 AM to 09:00 AM

Evening Game and Breakfast

: 04:30 PM to 06:00 PM

Evening Study

: 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM

Night Suppe

: 09:00PM

Light off

: Between 09:30 PM to 10:00 PM

Parents Visiting Days

Parents/ Guardian are allowed to visit their wards between 09:00 A.M . to 04:00 P.M .

  1. On the first Sunday every month-student of class I to VI
  2. On the third Sunday every month-students of classes VII th to Xth Parents / Guardian are allowed to meet their wards only after presenting the candidate's identity card (Issued to each candidate's at the time of admission after paying its cost)